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The most common question I get asked is: How much do you charge for a clinic and what all is involved?
The easiest answer to this is: there's no set amount.
After the expenses for travel are covered, it can be done one of 2 ways, a flat fee or a percentage per person that attends. Either is fine and both work
well. The more people that attend, the cheaper the costs are for each person.

From an organizational standpoint, the internet does wonders in terms of advertising. So, really all that is needed is a gym or facility to hold it in.
Depending on the time of year or location of your organization, the event can be held outdoors also.

My clinics have been constructed as follows:
FIRST, a demonstration of how and why I pitch the way I do. I will demonstrate all pitches, how I throw them, WHY I throw them the way I do, and what they are supposed to look like. In addition, I compare the way many instructors teach today and show the differences. This shows the good and bad of what is commonly taught, then I explain the differences.

SECOND, I follow the demo up with a Q and A session for all attendees. I want to make sure EVERYONE understand how and why I am doing what I do.

THIRD, and lastly, I will break the pitchers into individual groups for a session with me. The size of the groups depends on the number of pitchers signed up. So, this can vary. Each session will last approx 1 hour. When the pitchers are broken down into groups of similar age and/or ability, it makes it run much smoother and much easier as they are all (usually) working on the same things, regardless if they are beginners or top level.



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