Well, it’s getting to the point in the year where it’s harder and harder to say “it’s still early”. Pitchers should be in game shape, hitters should be fine tuned, and the games should be full blown fun for everyone. But, there are exceptions.

Injuries are something that happen naturally and often times it’s simply out of our control. Currently, I’m hurting pretty bad and I’m only about 10 games into my season. It’s not necessarily a softball related injury although it’s effecting my softball play, that’s for sure.

I’ve struggled with back issues for quite a while but, regular maintainence from my chiropractor has always done the trick. Not right now! I’m having X-rays taken today to see what’s wrong because the pain is becoming chronic. Bones go out of place, then muscles try to pull it back. The combination of these 2 things is painful.

There are exercises I can do to strengthen the effected area and I’ve been doing them. But playing with little Alex and picking him up a lot quickly puts things out of whack in a hurry. He and I spend a lot of our free time wrestling (he wins all the time) and now his victories are coming easier.

The reality is, when a pitcher explodes off the rubber and is driving hard toward the catcher, there are consequences. The force used when she lands on her front leg is equal to 7 times her body weight. This creates knee and back injuries a lot. If you recall in the late 1990’s, Mark McGuire missed a lot of games for “Jumper’s Knee”, which is patella tendonitis. This injury is common for softball pitchers.

So, what’s the answer? Well, preventive exercise is what I’d recommend. If you’re a pitcher who weight lifts, make sure you strengthen muscles around your lower back area and your knees. These areas are neglected a lot by pitchers because it’s not what helps them get more push off the rubber but, it will certainly be effected by that push if it’s not maintained properly.

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