Boy did my most recent newsletter “Post Modern Era” touch nerves with people!   As usual, I get about 40 responses from people to whatever the topic is… this time I had 2 VERY negative notes.  These people must think that I can itch where EVERYONE is scratching every month!   Impossible.     The topic and meaning behind “Post Modern Era” was that there are many people who will try convincing you that there isn’t right and wrong in pitching, only opinions.   That is flat out wrong.   There is right and wrong, period.

If that newsletter doesn’t relate to you, then it could be that you have a pitching coach who is teaching truth and not opinion.   In that case.. God bless you!  You’re a lucky one.   But, in my experience of doing clinics all over the USA, there are a ton of people being sold “swampland in Florida”.    These people are teaching flat out HORRIBLE pitching mechanics and techniques, followed by the lie that these actions will help the pitcher achieve elite status.   Yet, no elite pitchers actually pitch that way.    This is usually followed by someone saying “Well, when the elite pitchers started out… this is how they pitched.”    Oh really?   So, they started out a certain way, then found it wasn’t right and changed?   So, why not learn that 2nd way from the very start?

Sometimes it’s amazing how common sense has become all too uncommon.

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